Safety Lights

At the 2006 motor show, I found the booth from Safety lights.

With Safety Light you more visible to traffic, if your brakes go next to your brake light also lights flashing, also have similar hazard lights if you drive between the files.

At the booth they held demonstration on the system, and all the features
you can activate with your brake lever.

Since they are at the fair were offered for € 100, 00 I decided to wait a little longer, because yes, it is yet again € 100.00

And also we have to watch the pennies, ist’t it.

The next day, I was called by a friend of my, who was at a motorstore in  haastrecht, there he  saw an older system, much cheaper, and had only a few features
less and at the price of € 57,00.

Look, I like that, so he asked if she wanted to get it for me ......

and preserve.