The Trailer

After a long conversation with the Lady, we have decided to join the Megatour in Denmark.
But how?
Are we doing a hotel again (like England) or do we something else.
So we have looked for a caravan behind Connie.
But realize that that was not really a option.

So, we have search for a little trailer.
But a new one is no option, so it must be a second hand.
And what kind of trailer must it be.
And what do we want a one wheeler, or a two wheeler, and where to look.
On ebay or else, until a friend of mine showed me a ad where the offered an 2 wheel trailer for a resonal amount of money.
Picked the thing up in Stiens (in the north of the Netherlands).
So, we had put the trailer in the car, and drove back home

Of course he must be re-painted in the red cardinal color.
I will keep you informed.
Also about the construction of the tow bar and the wiring.